Small but Immersive

Tamira made some wind chimes which I’m now using in the mod too. I need to show them off here, because, although their small size, they’re massively immersive and atmospheric and add such a lot to the exterior environments where they’re used. Not only from a tropical paradise angle, but also from an Elder Scrolls point of view. All who have played Morrowind will remember the sound of the Ashlander camp wind chimes just as well as they remember the loud screaming noises of the Silt Striders.

7 responses to “Small but Immersive

  1. Honestly, I don’t think the sound fits with the wind chime model. When I see those, I expect them sound more like small bells.
    The sound I heard in the video reminds me more of something shaped like a flute.

    Of course, you could argue that the wind chime model is a tube with tiny holes in it – then the flute-like sound would fit.

  2. I made this from the vanilla wall basket with Nifskope as my only tool, so please forgive me if this isn’t as perfect as you may expect.

    • Oh, there’s nothing wrong with the model. It’s the sound. It should sound like metal hitting metal – like small bells.
      The sound in the video sounded more like something you’d expect hearing from air flowing through a funnel.
      Well, that’s how I expoerienced it.

      • Wood? So they’re supposed to be hollow like flutes – that works. I’ve nerver seen asuch a windchime. I’ve sen one looking like that, but it was made of glass.

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