So, I’m a bit slow with working on the mod right now, but I just became a father it seems and it takes a lot of time. I have to play with the squeeky mouse and the stuffed flower instead of PC games at the moment. We named her Azura. She’s a total nerd, but she doesn’t seem to have any interest in the Elder Scrolls series unfortunately although her name comes from there. She’s more of a Total War girl.

6 responses to “Azura

    • LOL thanks, I guess šŸ˜€ Tonight she was all over the Creation Kit though, following the mouse pointer. Right now she’s watching these characters appear on-screen. Dammit, now she’s hitting the screen with her paw again!

  1. My cat only likes Oblivion, and only when riding… he stairs at the horses ears for hours šŸ™‚
    Maybe Azura would like it too.

    • It’s only Total War for Azura. I’ve tried other games. I’ve been thinking about what it might mean and come to the conclusion that it must be the animated birds flying across the screen and she thinks it’s bugs. She even walks around the screen and tries to look behind. šŸ˜€

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