Interior Fatigue?

Most landmass modders start out with good intentions adding lots and lots of buildings to their worldspaces and making great cities that look really impressive. It’s easy to do and modding exteriors is always so much fun that you usually get carried away. It might make your exteriors look really good and so, but when you get to the interior design, it’s not so much fun. It’s called Interior Fatigue. Your mod will stand or fall with you being able to finish all those interiors without burning yourself out. Even if you like to do interior design and are good at it, you still need to do all the NavMeshing too. Keep that in mind.

Time to do the NavMesh. This needs to be done for EVERY interior as well.

Time to do the NavMesh. This needs to be done for EVERY interior as well.


Admittedly, I’ve reached a form of Interior Fatigue. I put down a lot of work on each interior, wanting them to be perfect and fun for the player to explore. It’s in the details. Now, I’ve reached the stage where I’m working on the very last interior in the colony in Azura’s Watch, the hotel, and it’s been taking me too long. Not to worry though, I’m working at it now and when it’s done, it’ll be magnificent.

I came up with an idea on how to get around interior fatigue. How about building a mega city and just not caring about interiors at all? That’s not to say you wouldn’t have enterable interiors, you could have SOME. Some enterable doors could be marked with a special light or a marker. That way you could make a really huge and impressive city and just do as many interiors as you want or need. If you have a thousand houses, you need a thousand interiors if you go with the regular Elder Scrolls system of one interior per door, but there are other games that limit the player to just visiting the interiors that are really needed. At some point I’m going to experiment with this and see how it works. I might actually build a Tamrielic (maybe one down in Hammerfell to get to use the tropical resources) mega city, which is just an exterior mostly, but with some enterable locations as well.

The simple beginnings of an interior.

The simple beginnings of an interior.

4 responses to “Interior Fatigue?

  1. Erm this might sound stupid but couldn’t you do like a mass produced type thing in some cases. I know that is how real life works sometimes. Architects build one home, or building with its interior and it is basically copy and paste for the rest. At least that is what I have noticed in some large gated communities, all the houses are identical basically. If that makes any sense and helps…if not just ignore me lol.

    • I’ve done that on occasion. With Azura’s Watch I don’t want to do that though; I want all the interiors to be really individual. Also, with Skyrim, if you copypaste, you still need to do the NavMesh. But yeah, copypasting is the fastest way to go about interiors. 🙂

      • I also think it is better to leave houses unaccessable than to visit the same interior over and over again. And you need not care about inhabitants that means less work too. I have not only seen this in other games but in huge (Oblivion) mods too.
        On the other hand: If you want to add many houses (even without NPC) for a rather small area wouldn’t that cause the game to lag almost unbearable?

      • I don’t think buildings would lag the game anymore than trees do, for an example. Buildings are pretty light in that regard. I’ll experiment a bit later and we’ll see what happens though.

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