Two Pictures




Just two pictures I found beautiful enough to use as my desktop background. I took the upper one yesterday and it shows some changes to the town I made. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the position of the Seashell Hotel, so I turned it a bit and worked on the entrance a bit. The bottom picture features the new ship in the harbour area as well as one of the NPC’s, Legion Praetor Amica, who patrols the harbour during the days.

The Smuggler from Hammerfell


I love the ship. So I made it so that you can take a boat out and walk around deck on “The Advantageous” which is a shady trading vessel (read smuggler) from Hammerfell. The view from deck is quite astonishing. People are starting to move around in town, and on the beaches, and do their daily chores. They’re all scary silent though.

Steady As She Goes

A big day for Azura’s Watch as the new, real ship sails into port. Take a look at that beauty! Now that’s a ship! A real, Cyrodiilic ship! Special thanks go out to MarkusLiberty, Tamira and 1shoedpunk for working on this glorious piece of awesome. It’s available as a modder’s resource here as The Cyrodiil Ship and Boat Resource and is part of the Beyond Skyrim Project. Now I can finally retire the old ship models that weren’t no good.

The Mountain Man


This is the Mountain Man. That’s Zeb Macahan right there. Anyone remember him? Zeb Macahan was a REAL hero. Honest, brave, loyal, a man who stood up for the oppressed and weak, whatever the odds. Once he was going to scalp an entire battalion of cavalry when they were bragging about mass-killing natives. He wouldn’t kill a living thing without reason. In short, he was gifted with traits that modern-day illuminati entertainment heroes lack completely. Today, heroes are sick, corrupt SOB’s who kill without reason and the worse and more “cool and evil” they are, the more celebrated. What role models! No boundaries between good and evil. No difference. Not with old Zeb; he was a good guy and you knew it. Zeb Macahan was a REAL hero and a true role model.

It’s a Sign!


My new sign in NifSkope.

I’m quite amazed to see that nobody has published empty shop/tavern signs as modding resources for Skyrim. I had to make my own, which I’ve been putting off, because I’m no texturer. It is quite easy really once you’ve extracted the files from the vanilla BSA’s. I just needed to get rid of the vanilla text and symbol from the vanilla texture and then add my own text. Then save it down as a DDS and add it to the model. I now have an “empty” sign to work with and can make as many signs as I want. Phew, but Yay!

And the sign in-game. You can jump up at it and it moves properly.

And the sign in-game. You can jump up at it and it moves properly.

If someone finds this post and needs the empty sign (just a blank wooden background – no text or symbol) as a modder’s resource, just tell me and I’ll send it over to you. I googled them for many years (literally) and couldn’t find any.

Non-Stop Modding


Veveka, the owner of the Sunny Day Tavern.

So far, I’ve done about 17 hours of almost non-stop modding today. Yes, seventeen hours. Just interrupted by eating, a nap and the cat. It feels like the good old days again. Lots of NPC’s have been added, AI Packages for all of the new ones. NavMesh, cluttering, detailing. The lot.

Veveka, seen above, is the most impressive one, I guess. I custom created her face with RaceMenu. I’ll create small backstories for the more detailed NPC’s as well. Veveka has an unsent letter in her room explaining a bit how she came to the island and what her life is like. It makes character creation a whole lot more interesting. I swear she’s the prettiest tavernkeeper in the history of Tamriel though, because she looks the part.

Modding and no time for anything else. I totally forgot that Sid Meier’s Beyond Earth opened on friday and I have hardly tried it!