Azura’s Watch: Alpha 02

Here we are. Alpha 02 is ready for download. Install manually. Alpha 02 concentrates on the interior design, but there are also substantial updates to the exterior areas of the mod. All interiors (100%) have been created, decorated and NavMeshed. The next Alpha release is going to deal with adding most, if not all, NPC’s as well as continuing the exterior work.


The file has not been cleaned. It uses a BSA; LodSettings are included this time. Install manually. Get there by console warping: Cow AzurasWatch -8,-4. Only download if you know how to do these things and want to give feedback. Otherwise, wait for the full release.

I noted some minor issues in this version. One painting frame is missing as well as the Wind Chimes sound effect. The new seagull and waves sound effect seemed to work OK though, which baffles me, since the Wind Chimes effect is also in the same BSA. The issues were so minor that I didn’t bother fix them before Alpha release.

Have fun!

10 responses to “Azura’s Watch: Alpha 02

    • Thanks, Tamira 🙂 I was just in there walking around for an hour myself trying to find all the striped shadows (I hate striped shadows!) and I’m pretty impressed with it myself, actually. And I should be. It’s my best modding work ever. It’s the jewel in my modding crown. And it’s going to get so much better still! 😀 Looking forward to your PM. I’m keeping an eye on TesAlliance.

  1. Long time since my last visit to this blog… you did a lot in this time Antiscamp. I will take a look to this download and tell my opinion. Keep up the good work and forgive for my bad english 😛

    • Thank you kindly 🙂 I’m currently in the process of adding NPC’s, but there might be a smaller update to the current Alpha in-between. With some bug fixes and stuff. I know one area of the Alpha causes a CtD though, which is fixed already on my side, so I might upload that. We’ll see in the weekend.

  2. Have been an hour on your islands now … man, those beaches are wonderfull !
    Have taken a lot of shots of my babe there, will post a few on nexus, during next weeks maybe. .. some in the adult area .. 😀
    That whole place is pure eyecandy!!
    I’m looking forward to this .. holiday-island 😉

    • Yay! That sounds awesome! I’m hanging on the Nexus all the time, but if I miss your beach babe pictures, could you PM me on there so I can come and give an endorsement? I’m Antiscamp on the Nexus too, so you can add me if you want. 🙂

      • I never played Oblivion, but i remember some scenes of Cyrodiil when my son played it. Looks familiar somehow.
        Your buildings, the interieurs, furnitures, the harbour, everything is so .. civilized. A placed to be.
        Got some missing textures in the bsa (some plants and a painting’s frame), but hey, that city is wonderful.
        What a work!

  3. I have found the problem.
    It’s a conflict between your mod and Soolie’s Tropical Skyrim mod.
    Soolie uses partially the same nifs, and in the same folders, but they have a different texture-path. And as he uses loose files (!), the game picks his nifs instead.
    I don’t use his mod anymore, but i still had some of his nifs in my folders.
    I have just removed those, now your Azura mod works as intended.
    Sorry for the trouble.

    • Thanks for telling me and finding out! Yes, it’s a common problem that loose files overwrite BSA ones. The simple fix for me is to re-path the meshes. It’s no big deal really. Tamira told me to do it early on when I used her meshes and they sometimes had this problem, so I’ve done it for a long time, but Soolie probably uses the same tropical foliage as I do and I added them really early on.

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