The Location

I knew all the time that Azura’s Watch was situated somewhere between Cyrodiil and Valenwood, but when I finally decided to pin-point its location, I made it move a lot farther out in Tamriel than I initially had planned. Now, we’re situated in the middle of the Abecean Sea, North West of Summerset Isle and near an archipelago called The Sestres. It is the perfect location for an Imperial Colony.

I needed to pin-point the location exactly, since I’m about to begin writing the historical texts and background information for the island. The location is intriguing; I guess the piracy on the island mainly targets Aldmeri shipping lanes, unofficially sanctioned with Imperial letters of marque, but kept under veils and hush-hush. Exciting! I wonder what happened on the island during the Great War? That’s going to be interesting to write about.

Also, the demographics is going to be interesting. I initially planned the island being mainly populated by Imperials in the colony and Valenwood Bosmers living as native tribes. The location provides for more diversity than that. I’ll have Hammerfell Redguards and even evil Thalmor Aldmeri to work with here!

Right now, I’m in the process of adding clothing items for the NPC’s. Proper NPC work hasn’t started yet. I also need to make a special race for the island, the Colonial Imperial race. It’ll be much like the Imperials, but they’ll look a bit different. I haven’t decided whether to make them playable or not as yet. We’ll see.

A map with the geographical location of Azura's Watch

A map with the geographical location of Azura’s Watch

7 responses to “The Location

  1. Didn’t you tell me that Azura’s watch will be part of the Frontier? If so, where can we find Frontier on your map?

  2. So close to Summerset Isles you need a very good explanation why the Imperial settlement hasn’t been burned to the ground or been taken over by the Thalmor.
    And I mean a VERY good explanation, since the location would’ve been the first target in the conflict and totally wiped out by the superior Aldmeri Dominion fleet.

    • I’m writing the history books right now but I haven’t gotten to the Great War yet. I’ve been thinking about it though and here’s what I’ve come up with. Just like the English and French colonies in the West Indies survived in the middle of the Spanish Empire during the 16th/17th centuries, the Azura’s Watch colony was protected and supplied by pirates, buccaneers and Imperial Privateers. Azura’s Watch became an important part of the Great War as it was one of the few fronts that actually gave effective resistance against the Dominion, falling them in the back and waging a bloody privateering war at sea. The Dominion resources were employed elsewhere on the primary fronts in the campaigns in Cyrodiil and Hammerfell. The privateering war was waged successfully by the secluded colony for several years of the war and brought in immense riches to the colony from the raids against Dominion shipping and even landfalls on the northern coasts of Summerset Isle. Finally, the Dominion had enough and equipped a major fleet carrying land troops to destroy the colony on Azura’s Watch. The Dominion forces burned down the colony and placed the fort under siege. Just like when Malta held out against the Turkish in 1565, the Azura’s Watch castle held the Dominion invaders at bay; the few legion soldiers in the fort were supported by locals and pirates who volontarily joined in the defence. The bloody siege lasted long. One night, the attackers just surprisingly left and marched out, embarked and left for home. The relieved but surprised garrison later learned that the White Gold Concordate had been signed a few days prior to the enemy leaving. The Imperial Banner was still flying over the island, but the colony and the harbour had to be rebuilt. Still today, an inofficial privateering war is waged against the Thalmor from Azura’s Watch, but of course, there is no official sanction of it. It is a serious thorn in the Dominion’s side and if war breaks out again between the Empire and the Dominion, Azura’s Watch will surely be targeted again. That is why fortifications have been strengthened recently and the garrison bolstered with a detachment from the Tenth Legion.

  3. Pirating and privateering sounds good. But I feel the island needs more than just that to fend off the Thalmor. Perhaps the island is surrounded by treacherous reefs that the bigger ships of the Dominion could not pass – typical pirate tactic.
    Or maybe the island is obscured in some magical way – the Psijics could vanish with whole Isle of Aerteum, so why not obscure a small island. Maybe the Synod discovered the magic or managed to steal it from the Psijics or maybe even the Psijics are protecting the island? (so many possibilities)

  4. Another thing. Have you thought about where the island got its name? Azura is in the Dunmeri pantheon, so it suggests a Dark Elf origin.

    • I haven’t really thought about that. I initially just thought the first explorers to the island named it after Azura because of dawn and dusk thinking the island reflected her beauty at dawn or dusk. Something simple like that. Historical explorers named geographical locations because of simple things like that; after biblical characters, mythology and so on. But how could I have forgotten Azura’s importance to the Dunmeri people!? Azura is even the voice at the beginning of Morrowind! That’s why my new tribe came to Azura’s Watch! They came to her island in search of her, their goddess.

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