The Third Tribe


I am planning to have three native tribes out in the east of the island. Tribe number three just took a little surprise turn of events, to say the least. They might not even be called native, but surely, a tribe nonetheless.

thanks again to Tamira for her work on Phitt’s Ashlander Camp resources from Sheogorad – Forsaken Isles.

3 responses to “The Third Tribe

  1. If you want to put a date on the Ashlanders’ arrival on the island, the ar over the Ruby Throne is a good time. It’s the time of the First Dominion, where three factions wage war for dominance – Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact.
    The Ebonheart Pact was made up my Skyrim, Morrowind and Black Marsh.

    • I was actually thinking something a bit more recent. Right after the Oblivion Crisis, the goddess appeared to the wise woman of the Urshilaku Tribe and told her that a great cataclysm was coming and that the people needed to be saved so that the true worship of the goddess could survive and the Ashlander way of life could be preserved. Most of the tribe was unwilling to follow, but the wise woman was able to gather a few who believed in her. On the direct instructions of the goddess, they built a small fleet of ships and as they finally set out from Vvardenfell on their quest, the Ministry of Truth crashed into Vivec City, and soon after, Red Mountain erupted, leaving these parts of Morrowind a desolate wasteland. The goddess guided the small Ashlander fleet for many months out at sea (going where no Ashlander had gone before). They finally made landfall on Her island. There, they have been, for two hundred years, to again patiently await the return of the Nerevarine (who can only be one – the player!). Think Noah’s Ark or Moses going through the Red Sea.

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