A Weekend of Good Stuff

I’ve had a pretty busy weekend overall, but I’ve also managed to do some good modding. I created the Citadel I detailed in the previous post and it’s complete with an interior too although undecorated. I’ve done lots of NavMesh. I created some dummy views to paste behind transparent windows in the interiors that give the impression of actually looking out into the forest outside. They’re rather cool. I’ve finished the official “History of Azura’s Watch” and pasted it as an in-game book.

I’ve also created the first NPC’s. That’s a really big step. Here’s a picture of them, if you can see them in the gloom of their house. Yes, it’s the three alcoholics of the Alcoholics Guild. I can’t believe I’ve had these three gentlemen for almost ten years. It began as a small mod for Morrowind in 2005 where these three guys inhabited a house in Seyda Neen. I then had them in Oblivion in Dibella’s Watch in 2011. And now they’re here again, for Skyrim, in 2014. Cheers!


That was a bad picture. Here are some more of what I’ve done this weekend. I’ve also done a lot of detailing; like pasting plants and rocks and the sort…

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