Ten Years with these guys

Here are the gentlemen of the Alcoholics Guild during ten years. Always the same three guys. That big Nord is always passed out, while the other two are more active. In Morrowind the Wood Elf was the Guild Master, while in Oblivion (Dibella’s Watch) the Argonian was. In Azura’s Watch, the Wood Elf will be the Guild Master again.

2 responses to “Ten Years with these guys

  1. The only one with the lifespan to actually be the same person is the Bosmer. Nords and Argonians don’t live long enough (Oblivion was 200 years before Skyrim and Morrowind was some years before that. So in Morrowind and in Oblivion they could all be the same persons, in Skyrim they cannot – not without breaking lore.)

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