Non-Stop Modding


Veveka, the owner of the Sunny Day Tavern.

So far, I’ve done about 17 hours of almost non-stop modding today. Yes, seventeen hours. Just interrupted by eating, a nap and the cat. It feels like the good old days again. Lots of NPC’s have been added, AI Packages for all of the new ones. NavMesh, cluttering, detailing. The lot.

Veveka, seen above, is the most impressive one, I guess. I custom created her face with RaceMenu. I’ll create small backstories for the more detailed NPC’s as well. Veveka has an unsent letter in her room explaining a bit how she came to the island and what her life is like. It makes character creation a whole lot more interesting. I swear she’s the prettiest tavernkeeper in the history of Tamriel though, because she looks the part.

Modding and no time for anything else. I totally forgot that Sid Meier’s Beyond Earth opened on friday and I have hardly tried it!

4 responses to “Non-Stop Modding

  1. Wow – she looks really pretty! 🙂
    Is Race Menu a mod? I only know it as a console command. Well, I am playing an almost unmodded Skyrim myself 😀

    • Yeah! It’s a mod that gives you more power over face creation with more sliders and options. Vanilla is limited. I can easily export the heads as NIF’s from RaceMenu and then import them into the game using NIFMerge. 🙂

  2. She is very pretty 🙂

    On another note; I was going to get Civ Beyond Earth myself, but I forgot about it. Now I think I’ll hold off on it for a while – Dragon Age Inquisition is coming in 5 weeks and that will likely become my new focus.

    • Beyond Earth looks like a fancy mod for Civ5. Only difference is that it costs 50 smackers. No really big overhaul mods for Civ5 have appeared since the fiver was released in 2010. Like Fall From Heaven or Final Frontier for Civ4. Nothing to compete with their own big overhaul mod! Isn’t that just an awesome coincidence! 😀

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