The Mountain Man


This is the Mountain Man. That’s Zeb Macahan right there. Anyone remember him? Zeb Macahan was a REAL hero. Honest, brave, loyal, a man who stood up for the oppressed and weak, whatever the odds. Once he was going to scalp an entire battalion of cavalry when they were bragging about mass-killing natives. He wouldn’t kill a living thing without reason. In short, he was gifted with traits that modern-day illuminati entertainment heroes lack completely. Today, heroes are sick, corrupt SOB’s who kill without reason and the worse and more “cool and evil” they are, the more celebrated. What role models! No boundaries between good and evil. No difference. Not with old Zeb; he was a good guy and you knew it. Zeb Macahan was a REAL hero and a true role model.

4 responses to “The Mountain Man

  1. I miss that good ol’ series.

    The success of the character might lay in the actor’s heritege – James Arness had a Norwegian past.

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