Weekend Report


Somehow it doesn’t feel like I’ve done enough this weekend. It’s been a weird weekend. I’ve done some stuff on the mod though. Added some new Tamira stuff, finished the chapel interior and the library. I’ve also voiced the Governor’s greeting lines and had my wife to voice greetings for one of the female soldiers. I haven’t started proper voice acting yet, since I haven’t reached that stage, but I wanted to do these greetings at least, so those two NPC’s aren’t just silent. I’ll need a whole lot of voice actors when I start the quests.

That’s it. Now I need to go and do something else for the rest of the Sunday evening. Cheers.

2 responses to “Weekend Report

  1. Not done enough? So, where is your worker slaves army? LOL
    Seriously: I’d never have the patience to do that lot of stuff on a single weekend.
    And everything looks great!

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