Little Lake Mara


There’s a little lake in the middle of the island. It used to look like crap. Not anymore. I’ve spent all evening on this area and most of my time went into getting the colour of the water just right. I think it’s as good as it gets now.

Little Lake Mara is dedicated to love. In Azura’s Watch, love is not a dry business deal like in Skyrim, but rather, a thing of beauty, passion and respect. I wouldn’t have it any other way in the land I created.

8 responses to “Little Lake Mara

  1. This is the statue I like the best in Skyrim. It is telling you “come here, take comfort, you are not alone”.

    • Yup. This one is really good. I like the Dibella statue too. I was so happy when I saw it the first time, because the Dibella statue in Oblivion was kinda bad. Overall the statues in Skyrim are really good. The few we have.

  2. You know, if you wanted to you could add a Dibella shrine to the lake. It would make perfect sense to have both Mara and Dibella worshipped at such a beautiful place.
    Both goddesses represent love in their own way. Mara being the emotion of love, while Dibella respresents the erotic part. Your lake could be the meeting place for young couples. Rumors say, young Elven women are very promiscuous – read about that in the real Barenziah – that’s why, imo, a Dibella shrine would fit in with the Mara shine here.

  3. Every entry here in your page is a little gem, visually and conceptually, I agree with a lot of things you write regarding modding and gaming general.

    The lake Mara looks great, I like the shade of the water and when dealing with water me too I have to be 100% satisfied about the whole thing, from colors to transparency and so on.

    I also appreciate the concept of love you take up in your mod as opposite of the “dry business” we got in Skyrim, you gave an appropriate definition, and so the concept behind this little Mara’s “oasis”. Well done!

    • Hey, thanks! Yes, everything from the correct water colour to other details are really hard work for me too. That Lake Mara took a long time just to get the water colour right. I’ve taken inspiration from some of the screenshots you’ve done yourself. Have you released any mod with your work yet?

      • I wish I had the time, I barely can take care of my own games and now I’m focused on the illustrated story. I truly lack free time and as soon as I can, I try to work on my personal projects.

        I have released few little things that are also under the MODS section in my page, just because someone requested them or even casually, since I made them at the moment and thought to share.

        Sometimes modders/gamers friends ask me a work on textures or meshes, and if time permits and I’m able to do it, I do it gladly, just that.

        I was thinking about releasing these days the body textures I made for my main character, I even made both CBBE and Unp versions since my body is a custom hybrid and I had to mix many combinations. It just needs a rework on the feet part since I have different UV. I’ll see.

        Flattered that some of my pics inspired a bit about the water, you inspire me a lot every time I enter here 🙂 it’s so refreshing to read your posts and see the beautiful images. I like very much how simply you share your thoughts, the choices you made in the building and the why, the concepts behind, and all the details that show so much passion.
        I’m also like that, I truly love my projects (even if it’s not for release), therefore I really value the passion other people put into their projects.

        So much wall of text! Just glad to exchange some impressions.

        I will surely come back to visit other posts, it’s all an interesting read!

        Have a nice day!

      • Yeah, Passion is the key word. This type of thing became my passion back in 2010 when I did my first really grand scale mod and since then I haven’t been able to stop 😀

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