The Atlas


Act impressed, people, because it took me like forever to get the Normal Map/Alpha Channel, NifSkope settings and whatnot working on this object. It’s kinda OK now. I think it’s better looking than the open books I already have in the mod. It’s not an actual book though; it’s just a static, but I really, really wanted it in the mod to show off the location of my island and put it in an immersive Tamrielic context.

10 responses to “The Atlas

    • Yeah, that was a bummer, but also looks really natural. Like the book was printed/produced in Cyrodiil and Azura’s Watch isn’t the most important feature of it. Do they print books in Tamriel? Judging by the huge amount of books all around, I’m asuming they’ve invented the printing press.

  1. There were lots of books in Oblivion, I suppose the printing press was hidden somewhere in the cellar of the The Black Horse Courier. But where is it in Skyrim? Or else in Tamriel?

  2. I suppose the printing press tech has been known a couple of hundred years. The oldest books, though, must all have been written/copied by hand.
    But who would own a printing press is still a mystery.

    • You’ve got to be kidding! 😀 I just need to shout out a wish, and you have it, Tamira. LOL I never thought you’d find a printing press of all things! Amazing!

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