The Gutenberg

So one day we were talking about the lack of printing presses in the Elder Scrolls versus the plethora of books. They must have printing presses somewhere, but so far, they haven’t shown us one in any of the ES games. IRL, Gutenberg invented printing in 1450 and the art of printing became a major breakthrough in Western culture. Actually, printing supplied the single greatest Intellectual Revolution before the Information Age. The Information Revolution we’re living in today is the evolution of this intellectual advance.

So, while I was moaning about the lack of printing presses in Skyrim, Tamira found this Stroti resource and converted it. The printing press has arrived in the Elder Scrolls! It’s now safely stored in the Chapel Library, where the monk works tirelessly to produce intellectual material for the masses of Tamriel.

His name is Belcourtain, the monk. He has completely lost his faith in the gods of Tamriel and turned away from superstition. Instead, he devotes his time to producing books for people to read, to advance intellect, because his motto is that “there is nothing holy, except free thought and expression“. Belcourtain was thrown out of his monastery in High Rock because of his lack of faith in The Nine, and went into exile in Azura’s Watch where he found a new home in the abandoned chapel.

Belcourtain works the Printing Press in the Chapel Library.

6 responses to “The Gutenberg

  1. When I come to think about it: It is a good work to make books available for the people – but how many people are able to read at all in that era?
    At Gutenberg’s times only the educated could read books.
    Maybe your good monk should offer people to teach them how to read?

  2. Yeah, it’s odd how there are no schools in Tamriel but everyone seems able to read and write.
    I guess parents teach their children.

    • Yeah, I guess that’s the only explanation – parents educating children. My mod won’t have any children, because I find them annoying, but I could do with a school though. It would be fun to create.

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