Problems Solved

There seems to be a problem with my new landmass and the NPC’s when starting a new game. Today, when I went in there with a shiny new save, my custom dialogue, the little I have, wasn’t heard and both my custom dialogue NPC’s were silent. This would pose a problem for any quests in the future. For some reason, waiting for 24 hours before I went to Azura’s Watch solved it. I’ve seen other landmass modders recommend their players that they wait a few hours before entering the new landmass, to make it all settle in in a way.

I’ve also had problems with crashing recently. Lots of it. Skyrim froze randomly. It wasn’t a problem with my mod though, but rather the fact that I had inactivated other mods in that particular save and the scripts were still causing trouble. I have no crashing in my most recent save, thank you very much, so that was another problem on my part.

Luckily, I have the opportunity to test the mod with brand new saves very often since I create a lot of new characters in RaceMenu. For the dialogue problem, I’m thinking about scripting the boat and transport that takes the player to Azura’s Watch to arrive in the Solitude harbour 24 hours after the mod has been installed. That would be a smooth way to workaround the “settling in” of the mod though.

Here's a nice picture from Colonia's harbour.

Here’s a nice picture from Colonia’s harbour.

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