Skyrim’s Stability

Vanilla Skyrim has always been stable for me, but when I apply a hundred mods, stability goes down the drain pretty quickly. So this weekend I was thinking about actually reinstalling Skyrim completely to regain total stability. But that’s the easy, cowardly way to do it.I decided to try and see if there’s anything you can do to gain stability in what is now a heavily modded Skyrim installation.

I’ve had stutters, freezes and CtD’s lately. I’ve done an experiment though, because my Load Order is good and I thought there was no reason for instability. I’ve tried to stabilize a heavily modded game and see how it flows together with my mod, which is now admittedly very resource heavy for any computer. The goal was to not touch the graphical quality of the game by reducing anything. I’m running the highest graphics settings, with maximum view distance among other things, with the Seasons of Skyrim ENB as well. I want all of that for my screenshots. That’s why I’m making the mod in the first place – the screenshots!

The results of my experimenting were very good. Here’s what I did. I installed the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, as well as the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch. There are unofficial patches for the other DLC’s as well, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. I then installed Safety Load, which is an SKSE addition that helps with avoiding freezing and “eternal loading screens”. Lastly, but not least, the really big game changer I installed, was CtD and Memory Patch ENBoost by Boris Vorontsov himself. The last addition was so significant in performance that areas of Azura’s Watch that were very heavy on stutter (some forested terrain looking towards populated areas), I can now fly through like a breeze. Can’t believe I haven’t used these things before!

I’ve had no crashes or freezes since I installed the above mentioned additions. FPS is high and there’s absolutely no stutter. Wow! I need to do more testing within my own mod, but it’s looking really promising. If this works out OK in the long run, I’ll consider those additions just as essential as SkyUI or Alternate Beginnings and a priority to any Skyrim installation.

This mod is going to be heavy on your computer, I tell you, but I refuse to reduce its beauty or graphical impressiveness.

This mod is going to be heavy on your computer, I tell you, but I refuse to reduce its beauty or graphical impressiveness.


Edit: I’ve been testing my game with these new additions yesterday and today. It seems like I have the most stable Skyrim I can get. I’ve had no crashes, freezes or weirdness at all since I installed these recommended additions. One minor thing to mention further though. I did have crashes when opening menues, like the game menu and inventory. Safety Load’s ini (Data/SKSE/Plugins) needed to be set to EnableOnlyLoading = true.

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