4 responses to “11.11

  1. You could always argue that the Emperor Parasol Mushrooms were introduced when the Dunmer arrived on the island – it wouldn’t be the first time a new species was introduced on an island or new continent by the migration of people.
    You could even introduce guars for the same reason, if you like. That just leaves finding a good model and proper animations for it. 🙂

    • Ups, commented on the wrong topic – I’ve got to blame this on my growing senility 😀

      Skyrim’s birthday is just 2 days after mine, and the game is only 46 years younger than I. 🙂

    • Yeah! That’s pretty much what I’ve written in the geography book. That the Ashlanders introduced a lot of new plantlife to the island when they arrived and that these are now seen all over the south east. I could do a mean Cliffracer though. 😀

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