The Immediate Future

My Skyrim stabilization operations didn’t work. My game is crashing again. Just out of the blue after having been completely stable for a couple of days. So what I’m doing now is completely reinstalling the game.

This means I’ll be putting together Alpha 03 for release in the weekend because I’ll easily be able to see where stuff is amiss on a vanilla installation! I didn’t plan for an Alpha 03 before all the NPC’s were in place, but it’s kinda logical now, since work on the NPC update has taken longer than I expected (mostly due to me adding new areas, islands and resources). After Alpha 03, I’ll be working on the last missing pieces; like empty interiors, missing NPC’s and other stuff and hopefully get Beta 01 (for proper Nexus release) ready before Christmas.

All the quests will be added after Beta 01 on the Nexus as packages called “Episodes”.

That’s the Road Map. Watch this blog for the Alpha 03. I hope you’ll be mind-blown by it.



And here we are in a vanilla game. I spent some time running around. It seems to work well. I’m really amazed at how great it looks even in vanilla. Here’s the first picture of a new location I’ve been working on. It’s the last of the planned important locations, the obligatory pirate base.

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