Azura’s Watch: Alpha 03

CONTENTS: This version takes approximately 2GB HD space. The packed download is 709,72MB’s large. A BSA is included. LODSettings are included as well as a non-bsa’ed Sounds folder. If you’re updating from Alpha02, please make sure you’ve deleted all material from Alpha02 before installing this update.

INSTALLATION: Install manually. Get to Azura’s Watch by console warping onto the docks of Colonia (cow AzurasWatch -8,-4), or if you want a more interesting starting location, try cow AzurasWatch 1,-8. The file has not been cleaned. Only download if you have a true interest in the mod progress and/or want to give feedback, and if you know how to do the above mentioned things. Else wait for the proper Nexus beta release (planned next month).

REQUIREMENT: This version requires The XP32 Skeleton or similar (The second file in the Download list: XPMS 1-93a), otherwise it’ll crash. This is because of all the unique NPC’s, some with custom faces created in RaceMenu. It’s easy to install and remove later if need be.

FEEDBACK: Do provide feedback. You can comment on this blog. You can write me on SkyrimNexus or TesAlliance. You can E-Mail (Antiscamp[a] me. I’m on Twitter as well.

As always, this is an Alpha and glitches are to be expected. I’ve personally tested the mod on two systems with vanilla installs and it runs well, but I can’t guarantee anything. FPS and performance was noted to be adequate in a vanilla environment. Some areas are taxing especially in the heavily populated areas. Tamira has also tested the mod on her end.

KNOWN ISSUES: The Pirate Base in the east is buggy. I forgot to include some new stuff in the BSA I had gotten from Tamira. Doors are flying around weirdly and some floor textures are missing.

The mod contains adult references; you know – drugs, sex and rock n’ roll. If fun stuff like that ticks you off, go play Angry Lego Batman instead.


15 responses to “Azura’s Watch: Alpha 03

  1. Absolutely amazing, colonia is so well designed and is stunning to walk through. I am also impressed with the content you have added throughout the rest of the archipelago. Looking forward to see what you do next. Keep up the good work! 😀

    • Thank you kindly! I’m getting positive comments and it really inspires me to create a mod that will impress its players and be a true joy to explore. Right now, I’m working kinda slowly but steadily on a few caves.

  2. hey there, ive just found out about your project and already love it. its best beach/tropical mod in my opinion and its really interesting to explore the wildness.

    gonna follow this more intensive now 😀

    great work

    • Thanks! It makes me very happy that people like what they see. There’s more coming for Azura’s Watch, and there’ll be a proper Nexus release when I feel ready for it too. 🙂

      • awsome,

        ive tried out all similar beach maps out there and none of them satisfied me and this one even comes with an nice little village with an own unique flair, cant wait to see this awsome mod making progress. would also love to see some rich underwater enviroment, with a temples/ship wrecks and coral reefs with an lively coloreful fish fauna.


      • Yes! I’m planning more underwater action. I’d like some colourful fish too. I already have a few shipwrecks about if you can find them, but a temple ruin underwater is a really great idea, actually. I’ll be planning for that!

      • hah nice,

        i just finished checking all those houses in colonia. love the level of detail, for example that shop with shelfs full of goods and the seashell hotel is also very alive and nice decorated.

        got also another idea for the underwater environment, dont know if its possible but would kinda blow minds if the plants/plankton pacticles and corals would start glowing after the sun went down. lol

      • Actually, that’s another great idea. In theory, it’s easy to make stuff glow under water after dark. I can just toggle lights according to time of day. I’d have to test it out to see how it looks in-game though. But yeah, that would be a cool idea for underwater ruins and other locations.

    • would be really nice if you could realize something like that, so people also will spend a good time with diving and exploring the deep 😀

      too bad there re no whales resources out, that would simple blow away everything haha

      my friend
      may your knees stay arrowfree.


  3. I’ve got it loaded up and COW’d into! Standing on the docks now. First impression is that I’m stunned at the immediate immersiveness – there’s life and warmth here.

    Can’t wait to explore more. I’ll give some feedbacks. Thank you for your work.

      • Hi there! So, I’ve run around a little bit – it’ a beautiful place and a warm contrast to the harshness of Skyrim proper. So MUCH! and detailed.

        Will be happy to see it alive.

        A few things noticeable and I I’m sure you’ve found them by now, the only one that may be sneaky is the steps in The Great Lighthouse near the top – I clipped through them (clip moded to the top).

        Also, more importantly, Azura’s Watch messes with the appearance of my Underground Bathhouse. Causes some of the grasses to float, for one thing – I’m not sure if it is an interaction of yours with another mod [besides UBH].

        it may also be playing with the water there, as well as the weather?? is this possible?

        Anyway, a datapoint for you. Had to uninstall and then load a save from before activating AW (otherwise CTD after load).

        I’d be happy to test again.

        I took a few posing snapshots along the way – keep or toss.

        Thank you for your fine work, seriously.

      • Hey! thanks for the report. The lighthouse is a bit wonky at the top. It has to do with collision; Tamira tells me she did it the best way she could. Thinking about it, maybe I could place in some other stairs up there to make the player stick and not fall through. I’ll have a look. The conflict with the Underground Bathhouse interests me. Is this the one by Andragorn. I know some older plant models by Tamira that I used were updated by her, which would mean mods using the same plants I used, would start floating. That was my first bet, but I don’t see any references in andragorn’s credits to Tamira though, so I don’t think he’s using her plants. I’ll check it out though. thank you for your comments and telling me about what you found. It’s very helpful! 🙂

    • Hello your experiencing the grass bug it’s very common when creating new worldspace especially, I believe it’s a normal Skyrim bug wihich many experience. More on the grass bug fix here.

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