I’m currently installing many of the mods I previously had. I’m a modaholic. I will probably mod the game to its death again, but so what. Testing mods is fun and every time I start a new game of Skyrim it’s always an entirely new experience.

Haven’t been modding anything myself though. I needed a break.

2 responses to “Modaholism

  1. Mod skyrim to death is the ultimate goal of every true passionate artist! it doesn’t care if you mod it to make every boob jiggle or any schlong dance, lulz. No but seriously, take a break :/

    • LOL I like SOS and the boob jiggle mods! I think they’re fun and really well-made, especially SOS, which is a work of genius. 😀 I’m back to modding now though. I did some stuff on this last night, while I’m also trying to get a new character going because I lost a 25 level character when I reinstalled Skyrim earlier last month.

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