Playing the Game

OK, so I haven’t done anything really big on the mod for a while, but I’ve been playing Skyrim really intensely for a couple of weeks now. I can’t believe this game. Every time I start a new character, it’s different.

And it’s all thanks to the mods. If there weren’t any mods, I probably wouldn’t be playing Skyrim anymore, but no, here I am three years after the game’s release and pumping in hour after hour into it, just as enthusiastically as when it was new. The modding with this game is nothing short of brilliant. I mean, they released three DLC’s and ended development of the game proper in 2012, but we’re still here, playing this excellence of a game.

My playing of the game is great news for my own mod too, because I wouldn’t be a very good modder if I didn’t play the game or wasn’t enthusiastic about it. No other game series has ever captured my imagination like the Elder Scrolls. Not even Total War or Civilization. That’s why my silent wish is that they scrap Fallout and start developing Elder Scrolls VI real soon!


I usually have two saves going at any given time. One female and one male. Here’s my male character and his girlfriend who he has along as a companion. It’s actually Lynly Star-Sung from the Vilemyr Inn. I updated her looks and made her a follower with AFT. I really like her personality, I’ve always liked her, so I wanted to have her as a companion; she’s a real Nord woman, if you ask me. Only thing is that she keeps nagging me about playing the lute. As we were watching a beheading in Solitude, she came up to me and asked, “Would you care to hear me play my lute?” This time I need to do the Dragonborn DLC quests too, because I’ve actually never completed them. I’m in the Dawnguard though, as you can see from the armour.

OK, so that’s a bit of an update on what I’m doing right now so you know why the progress on the mod and the blog has been kinda slow. I’ve decided on a Nexus beta release date for January 1 2015. Then I will be releasing what I have to the Nexus to raise awareness of this mod. I’ll be working on the project very hard during the Christmas holidays, because I have two weeks off, and probably release another Alpha version of the mod here on my blog before January as well.

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