Got Distracted

I got a bit distracted again from my modding during the Christmas holidays. First, I played 70 hours of multiplayer Civilization 5 with my wife and then I made scenario map for Age of Wonders III. I still have a few days off, so I’ll be modding some.

I know I was planning a December release of Azura’s Watch on Nexus, but I want to do more on the mod. 2015 will be the year of Azura’s Watch. I have very little still to do on the exteriors and interiors. I also want to add a few caves. Indeed, the project started with me only wanting to make a beautiful and peaceful environment that was warm, happy and pleasant (unlike the rest of Skyrim), meant for a bit of exploration and relaxation, but it has grown into so much more. The Nexus release is therefore postponed until I feel completely ready for it.

I shouldn’t make ETA’s, because I’m never able to keep them.

And my Age of Wonders III map. There’s something wrong with the Package Manager for AoW III though, so I can’t upload it to Steam Workshop for some reason. That’s why I make it downloadable here. I call it Fairy Tale Europe. The map features a model of Europe and it’s loosely based on the European Middle Ages. I want people to test it out and give me some feedback on how it’s working out, so if you have the game and are interested in this project, please try it out. It’s a Very Large map with 7 factions and several minor independents as well. When the next DLC comes out, I’ll add the new race as well. For Steam users, throw the map file in your Steamapps/common/AoW3/Content/Title/Maps folder and it should pop up under New Scenario in-game. when it’s that easy to install a new map, I don’t know why they persist with us using their broken, complicated Package Manager.


Age of Wonders III Fairy Tale Europe. Hand-drawn, Very Large, 7 factions, loosely based on real Medieval Europe.


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