Interiors and Caves

I’m obviously back to regular work on the mod. Tonight I’ve finished some of the interiors in the Pirate Base and also done a bit of touching up on a cave I’ve made. It’s the Dibella’s Sanctum cave. The entrance is up at Outlook Point, which oversees much of the island, for those who’ve been there.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments, positive remarks and suggestions on the mod so far. It keeps me going!

3 responses to “Interiors and Caves

    • Thanks! I never left, only slowed down a bit. πŸ˜€ Now I need to work effectively on this though, so I can get to the stage where I want to be for release on the Nexus.

  1. The rooms are nicely cluttered and look very cozy, even if I’m not a fan of those lanterns colors.
    I like so much the beam seeping through near the statue and the little stream of water, also how you placed the vegetation around, a very suggestive corner.
    Must be pleasant to end up in there and looking around πŸ™‚

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