The Harbour Area


The harbour area in Colonia is one of my favourite locations and I’ve been working on a few details there this morning. I can’t get enough of it. It makes for some great screenshots too with all the details, but although it’s kinda busy during the days, it could do with an NPC or two more.

Here are a couple more screenies from Azura’s Watch featuring my main character right now.

2 responses to “The Harbour Area

  1. The Harbor view is just amazing, the docks perfectly cluttered, with npcs standing there for their businesses or passing by, it surely appears incredibly alive. Really love this location.
    In Oblivion, in fact, I loved so much Anvil, my favorite place along with the Imperial City (another harbor).

    The other screens are also good, nice character and nice use of the dof, while the landscape is so beautiful it’s almost a shame to blur it. Interesting characters also in the tavern, I see you gave to the musician an ancient greek-roman style outfit and that’s totally fitting imo with the general environment. The barkeeper seems very pretty and she also is dressed in similar style, nice choice.
    I like that in every corner you look, it doesn’t seem to be nothing you did put in there casually, such attention for the details it’s a great incentive to look at the pic with more interest and attention.
    Keep it up!

    • I go with the Seasons of Skyrim ENB. I think it provides exactly what I want for my screenshots. There was one I tried earlier that made the water look better, but overall Seasons is the best ENB I’ve found. But yeah, it’s kinda sad to blur the background when I’ve worked so hard on getting it just right 😀

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