It’s Sick

Yeah, it’s sick how I can spend such a lot of time just walking around Colonia. I just spent probably an hour in there just admiring the town and watching all the people go by in their daily routine.

I know every little detail of the town, not just because I created it in the Creation Kit, but also because I spend such a lot of time actually there. In fact, to me, it’s an important part of modding that I create something I’d like to play myself, and it’s a really good sign that I do enjoy spending time there. I make long lists of glitches, things I could do better, things I need to do, suggestions and so on. The conclusion this time, was that it needs more NPC’s out and about.

Hope no one gets tired of my screenshots of Colonia, because I never tire making them. By the way, some of the row boats in the Colonia harbour work as “doors” and will transport you directly to different locations nearby. One boat takes you out to the lighthouse and back, while the other one, lands you on the deck of one of the ships off the coast.

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