Sigmund’s Island

A very dear friend of mine passed away last night. It came as a shock. He had been fighting Cancer. Twice. Won the battle twice, but the aftermath was too much.

He was a psychologist. In fact, it was he who said that my modding was my “therapeutic tool“, a term I absolutely love and refer to a lot; that I was a lucky guy to have found a creative area in life where I could escape, relax and recharge. And yes, my beautiful paradise island is my escape.

I created a little island off the south coast of Azura’s Watch and I’m naming it Sigmund’s Island, after my friend’s role model, Sigmund Freud. I personally don’t like Freud much, but he did, and we had some intense discussions on the subject. Rest in Peace, Stig, my friend. We’ll meet again.

5 responses to “Sigmund’s Island

  1. Really sorry to hear that, I’l keep his family and friends in prayer. I pray for blessing’s in their life and peace as they go through the healing process. And I been following up on your mod, can’t wait for the official release it’s truly a work of art. Keep up the great work.

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