OK, people. If you want to work with the Creation Kit in any way, and especially on big things like Azura’s Watch, the main requirement is Patience. I just worked on a thing for half an hour and then it crashed randomly, as usual, and I lost half an hour’s work right there. It’s no fun doing that thing all over again, I can tell you. But I’ll do it anyway when my nerves have settled.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m taking all this crap and still doing it. I had seven game crashed yesterday before I got it stabilized. I do this because I really want to do it. I really want to witness the splendour and beauty of the finished product. To any new Creation Kit users, I can only recommend investing a lot of time, huge amounts of patience and an iron will into any project. The end result is always worth it!

2 responses to “Patience

  1. By learning it the hard way in a different environment, saving became pretty much my second nature, a matter of muscle memory. This helped a lot when I discovered the Creation Kit. No matter what I select, rotate, place, move, I always save automatically.

    With that said, I really need to get back to working with the CK. MY bloody motivation keeps me from doing that. Lol

    Keep up the good work. I really like your work.

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