We’ve come a long way


The image above shows what Azura’s Watch looked like back in July last year, when I had just begun designing the town, and the image below show what it looks like today. We’ve come a long way on this one. I’ve been promising a proper release date back in December, but I couldn’t keep it. I don’t know when I’ll publish it on the Nexus. The initial goal with the mod was just to make a little island paradise for a bit of exploration for the player, but it’s developed into such a lot more than that. I won’t give any estimates on release date. In fact, this just has to take the time it requires. In the meantime, I may release a beta or two still. Keep your eyes on this blog!


4 responses to “We’ve come a long way

    • This is my mod for Skyrim. It’s a complete new island with a tropical atmosphere. I’ve been building it since July last year and will continue throughout this year with an intention to publish it “officially” to a wider public on SkyrimNexus. So far, there’s a downloadable alpha version as well.

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