The Creation of an Island

Let’s create one of those minor islands. When I do my islands, it’s easy to start putting stuff on there, like people, hidden campsites, treasures and other marks of civilization. Let’s make one that has no signs of civilization at all. An unexplored paradise island!

2015-03-01_00004Starting out. Just raising land and putting down the basic textures.

2015-03-01_00005Here we go with some rocks to give it some shape.

2015-03-01_00007Basic foliage too.

2015-03-01_00008Time for the trees. Mostly palm trees, of course.

2015-03-01_00009Aha! The final detailing with small plants, but also birds, sounds and I also added another really big tree as well.

2015-03-01_00011And this is the end result, standing on the secluded beach of our new island, in the early morning sun.

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