The Newland Farm


I had this large area outside of town, unused and just grassland. It was screaming for a farm, so I created the Newland Farm. Also, so I could decorate another one of those sexy Oblivion/Cyrodiil cottages again, because those meshes bring me right back to when I was modding Oblivion. I’m so glad to have them in Azura’s Watch as well. Lovely farm, innit?

4 responses to “The Newland Farm

    • Thank you kindly. It’s taken me a bit more than half a year (started it in July last year), so it’s not too shabby how it’s come along. And I’ve been modding at it to and from, with some periods of really intensive modding, but mostly, I think it’s been quite relaxed and just fun all the way. I want to finish the look and resources of the island, then have an official Nexus release and then build the story/questline as additions to that. More fun ahead! šŸ™‚

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