The Map

I’ve done some good detailing tonight. I love detailing, but I sincerely hope that I’m not doing too much here. I don’t want to kill anyone’s computer. At least, now when I have a stable Skyrim again, the performance of the mod is excellent.


I can’t have a mod by the name Azura’s Watch without clear references to the goddess herself. The initial settlers named the land after her, and they set down this monument in the very location where they stepped ashore for the first time.


Some underwater details in the harbour of Colonia. I honestly didn’t know that my ENB (Seasons of Skyrim) did such a good job under water! Wow! I threw about some crates, barrels and wood planks. Not that many players are going to see the effort though, but that’s what detailing is all about.


Oh, and I updated the LOD, which made it possible to create this map of the island. Here we see all the map markers revealed and some of them named as well. Pretty impressive stuff already, if you ask me. Yes, I’m bragging.

4 responses to “The Map

  1. Detailing cannot be overdone. If just one person notices a neat detail it has already served it purpose, imho.

    I just love to find those, survey the scene, and think about the reasons why the creator put them there.

    • I’m also going to have underwater structures; like ruins. I already have several shipwrecks too. The map is just the right size for one modder, I think, suitably large to be impressive, and suitably small to be doable by one modder alone and not get burnt out.

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