Phew. I was experiencing freezes with the game again, especially in Colonia at noon. No wonder, I had been pushing too many AI-packages to run NPC’s in the centre of town at that time and the game couldn’t handle it. Especially since creating that new farm with four new NPC’s movign about. It kinda created a very lively environment, while it worked though, but the freezing was consistent. Freezing is a sign of running out of VRAM, most often. I had to cut some of my NPC’s from visiting town at that time of day, and that made it work perfectly again. Colonia has a lot of inhabitants right now, but let’s keep them inside until needed for now, because there’s enough movement in town already.

2015-03-05_00003The Newland farmer’s daughter going into town to create havoc.

2 responses to “Unfrozen

  1. That’s a classy girl! No wonder that the game freezes when all men come running to stare at her. πŸ˜€
    You are great with creating NPC!

    • Thanks, Tamira. This is the land of the beautiful people. I want to fill it with good looking NPC’s. And ugly ones too! I like creating ugly NPC’s too πŸ˜€

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