The Dibella Luxury Hotel


This exterior is not at all finished yet, but I need to show it off right now, because it’s probably the best single house and exterior environment I’ve ever created as a modder. I’m really pleased with how The Dibella Luxury Hotel turned out. In fact, seeing it in-game for the first time, supplied me with one of those moments when I said out-loud “Antiscamp, you’re a bloody genius”. I’m f-ing good.

6 responses to “The Dibella Luxury Hotel

  1. WOW! This is just – WOW!

    Is it completely new?
    Oh my, why do I have to spend my next holidays here where I am and not there 😀

    • Yes. I made this today. It’s on the southern coast, just south of the logging camp. It took me five hours, or something like that, to get it right. The interior is going to be just as impressive, because I’m going to use the entire arsenal, including the sexy new dishes and food you made. Of course, as always, you’re the one responsible for the majority of the meshes here; I’m just putting it together, so thanks go out to you as well! 🙂

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