Our Flag Was Still There


Azura’s Watch is not an independent nation. It’s an Imperial colony. Although this, it has its own flag. So far, I’ve been using an old texture I made for the old Frontier project with a black griffin on simple white background (I still use it as my online avatar, and probably always will), but that one wasn’t good enough. Looked too plain.

I’ve long thought about the design shown above though; red, blue and with light yellow griffin and Imperial symbols in each field. The design is an obvious copy of the old English Royal banner. The English had their three lions in the red fields and, in the blue, there were three French Fleur-de-Lis to show their claim on the French throne.

2015-03-10_00021Here is the Flag of Azura’s Watch flying proudly from the Governor’s Mansion. The old one is seen on the building to the right.

I’ve also made some road signs to spice things up a bit and further make the land more unique. I did these easily with the help of Hana’s Blank Road Signs resource by Hanaisse.


3 responses to “Our Flag Was Still There

  1. Imo, you should implement the moon and star on your flag. After all, they are directly associated with Azura. Perhaps have the griffon hold the moon and star or have them as background for the griffons.

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