The Flagpole


So Skyrim has no flagpoles. In Tamriel, they’ve always only used banners, not proper flags. That’s a pity. So I had to be innovative when creating a flagpole. I actually used one of Tamira’s meshes from the Ashlander Resources to create this one. It’s actually a fishing pole, blown up to immense dimensions. Don’t tell anyone about the trick though. It looks awesome in-game and really brings my thoughts back to Tropico 4 where I used to paste Tropico flags all over the island. Lore unfriendly though, I guess, but so what?

7 responses to “The Flagpole

  1. Eh, I don’t think it is too lore unfriendly, just different customs. I can’t recite the canon backwards, though, so take everything I write with a little grain of salt. Haha

    • My mod is probably bordering on lore unfriendly, but I’m trying to keep it within certain boundaries though. A flagpole isn’t too bad, and it’s on that level I’ll keep it. It’s not like I’m pasting automatic weapons or spaceships in there.

  2. To be honest: I liked the old flag better (the white/black griffin). This one looks a bit too colorful for me but that is my personal taste of course. 🙂

    • I turned down the saturation, and it looks quite excellent now. The colours were too prominent. My ENB makes it look really colourful at certain sunlight, but with vanilla lighting, it now looks great all times of day. I don’t really want it to look old and worn either. I made a Jolly Roger flag for the pirate base earlier though, and that looks old and worn.

      Here’s an image of the flag now, desaturated, with the ENB activated though, but, as you see, much better with not so much radiating colour:

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