The Farmer’s Son


I created this character with RaceMenu and NifMerged the face into the game. I’ve done that for some of my faces to really make characters that stand out. He also wears one of Apachii’s hairstyles, which I’ve gotten kind permission from her to use for Azura’s Watch. Aschaar Newland, the Farmer’s Son, is one of my best looking characters. I’m really pleased with how he turned out. He doesn’t even have much of a neck seam.

In the morning, Aschaar goes out to do… erm… gardening (he has a collection of weird plants behind the farm), and then he goes over to the Alcoholics Guild to share gardening tips with other keen gentlemen with green fingers. During the days, he’s relaxing at the harbour as seen in the picture.

Very early in the morning here. Tonight, I’ll do Aschaar’s beautiful sister justice too by giving her a custom face as well.

8 responses to “The Farmer’s Son

    • Yeah. I want my people to be just as beautiful as their environment. Unfortunately, there’s no time to do all NPC’s, but I can do the ones I want to focus on. It’s a lot of fun too!

      • Have you ever thought about “outsourcing” some of your head work? Give a little background info, maybe a few requirements, and see what people come up with? I for one would be very happy to help.

      • I’ve thought about having the audience do some of the more creative chores, actually. Like writing books or making faces. I just never got anything started on that really. It’s a good idea, but for now, I’m good.

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