Azura’s Watch in Cities:Skylines

I’m building Azura’s Watch, for sure, but this time, in another game. Cities: Skylines by Paradox Interactive is the big surprise of 2015. It’s been doing overwhelmingly well on Steam. I thought it wasn’t my kind of game, but I was proven wrong. I just bought it for my wife, since this is the kind of stuff she plays, and I got an own copy while at it just because it’s Paradox. Now, I’ve spent all weekend with it, building the Megalopolis of Azura’s Watch. I really, heartily, recommend this gem of a game.

I can’t believe how well it works. There are thousands of little citizens and cars moving about in the city and it’s getting pretty crowded in my 50.000 inhabitants megalopolis right now. I’ve had absolutely no crashes during fourty hours of play, nor even the slightest notion of lag. It’s just working flawlessly. Balance is a bit off still, but there’s absolutely nothing game-breaking that I’ve come across. There’s a huge amount of detail in the game, and that’s the sort of stuff I like.

The modding in Cities: Skylines is absolutely tremendous. I have many mods installed already. Everything from new buildings to game tweaks. I have one mod that makes it possible to wander the streets in first person mode. Really immersive! Actually, my next project with Cities: Skylines is to create an own map and base it on the map of Azura’s Watch in Skyrim and then see how the modern-day city of Colonia would turn out.

So let me have a little time with this new game and then I’ll return to Skyrim. In the meantime, admire these screenshots of The City of Azura’s Watch in Cities: Skylines.

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