A Big Month

April 2015 is a big month for me as a modder. In April of 2005 I published my first mod ever online. It was The Alcoholics Guild for Morrowind. It was published at Planet Elder Scrolls, which is sadly a website that is no more. I’ve been on about The Guild on this blog many times before, because I look back at it with joy. It wasn’t much though, as a mod. Oh well.

I’ll be spending April this year to celebrate the fact that I’ve been officially modding games for ten years. In fact, I started back in the 90’s when it wasn’t even called modding, but I never published anything until The Alcoholics Guild.

I am planning two things. I will be publishing a version 2015 of The Alcoholics Guild for Skyrim. AND I will be doing another mod as well, a player home in Skyrim, near Riften. It’s going to be a grand mansion, based on the hotel I recently did in Azura’s Watch and done with some of the excellent resources provided by Tamira, mostly. It will serve as a kind of an Azura’s Watch’ embassy in Skyrim. I’ve always wanted to create an own player home in Skyrim, but never had the time for it. I’ve been using Tamira’s Sepredia as a base for my characters so far though.

2015-04-04_00008The beginnings of a new player home, shamelessly based on the Hotel in AW.

6 responses to “A Big Month

  1. Congratz my friend! Ten years of modding activity is worth to re-create a wonderful place like the AW hotel as a player-home.
    (btw: remember what I said about the window-glowing day/night … 😉 )

    • I’m working on this right now, and deadline is within this month. I hope I can make it, because there’s GTAV for PC coming up in less than two weeks. LOL

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