More and More

I promised myself I wasn’t going to make an outside pool or anything fancy like that for this player house. But you know. You know how it is. Once you get going, you can’t stop.

I don’t even have a name for the mansion/palace player house yet. The working name is just AzuraHouse. Any suggestions?


8 responses to “More and More

  1. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of imagination when it comes to names, but here are some suggestions:

    – Azura’s Dawn (her being associated with Dusk and Dawn + positive vibes of Dawn, associated with a new beginning, life, light, in contrast to Dusk linked to the end of day/life/light, darkness, etc)

    – Moonshadow [Palace/Manor/Whatever you want to call it] (Azura’s plane, a rather “simple”, unimaginative name I guess)

    – Rose Grove [Estate/Whatever you want to call it] (Moonshadow described as “giant garden full of roses”, can potentially be used as reason to clutter the closer environment with roses, potentially lore unfriendly, probably most unimaginative name, link to Azura maybe too obscure)

    – Embassy to the blessed Lands of Azura’s Watch (Maybe some sort of reference to Azura’s Watch, but less exaggerated (way less) as my example)

    Anyway, that is the point where my ideas ebb away and probably become to obscure.

      • yeah! like a plain door in a nondescript area, when opened reveals a stunning room with the portal – maybe with movement; rises from out of the wall or something. Has to be grand, right?

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