5 responses to “Right-O

  1. Woot!

    This passed out guy is really amazing (in the CK):

    And I found a nice little place there too:


    • Yeah! I can see that. Strange, but cool too! Really nice pictures. I especially like the one with the passed out guy. What a suitable screenshot of all the action going on at the guild! 😀

      • Btw: the “Morrowind Alcoholics Guild 2005” folder is empty. Was that just a joke?

      • Oh Dibella! I forgot to include it! Oh well. It happens. I’ll update with version 2.0 later today. It’s a 24KB file! LOL

        EDIT: There we are. Updated to 2.0 with the Morrowind .esp included as well. Thanks, Tamira! 🙂

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