The Alcoholics Guild 2015

Anyone care to be beta tester for this? All I ask is for you to test it out that it works OK and report. It’s the Alcoholics Guild 2015. It’s nothing much; just a house added to Riverwood with three NPC’s, pretty much like its Morrowind predecessor ten years ago. It’s 500KB large! LOL

Here’s the Download

And this is the ReadMe for the official Nexus release coming up if everything is OK.

For Skyrim

By Antiscamp

In April of 2005, I created my first mod for the Elder Scrolls series. It was a small thing that only added a new house to Seyda Neen where the player could find three drunks living. I had lots of fun with it and it was my first ever mod release. Since then, I’ve been creating and releasing mods steadily. Some of them have been pretty large and a lot of work, but it all began at Seyda Neen and the Alcoholics Guild.

To celebrate my ten-year anniversary of being a modder, I have now recreated the Alcoholics Guild, but in Skyrim. The guys are the same, pretty much, and the guild’s headquarters is, this time, found in Riverwood. You can’t miss it.

As an optional bonus, I include the old Morrowind file in this download as well. Enjoy the 2015 version. Congratulations to me, and see you again at the Alcoholics Guild in 2025!

Throw the Meshes folder, Textures folder and .esp into your Skyrim Data directory. Tick the .esp in your mod manager or in the launcher. NMM might also work. What do I know.

The mod adds a house with three NPC’s to Riverwood. Nothing more, nothing less. As should be.

The mod has been cleaned with Tes5Edit.

Yeah, kinda. Check out what I’m doing next. It’s a bit more impressive:
ENDORSE AND VOTE FOR THIS MOD! Dibella only knows it needs it. It took me ten years to create, dammit! NOW ENDORSE!

Antiscamp, April 2015

4 responses to “The Alcoholics Guild 2015

  1. LOL! Works like a charm ๐Ÿ˜€
    Found the Guild at once, cannot be overseen. I had fun, jumped around and made a mess with all the empty bottles, then I started a brawl with the two living guild members. During the fight one of them shouted at me: “I live and will go on drinking”.
    Both followed me outside and the brawl continued. The guard nearby was not interested at all, he even ran away.
    Maybe the Riverwood people are still fighting them, I quit. LOL

    • Wow! What an adventure at the guild! This is the most action-packed mod of 2015, I’d say. That’s how I’ll market it at the Nexus. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for testing. It’s time to publish!

  2. Loaded, and endorsed – screenshots with scantily clad forms added.

    As an aside, when entering the house I told my followers to “relax”. One curled up around the leg of the passed out guy in the corner and fell asleep.

    It may be a little crowded right now (I have five. plus myself)…

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