Update from Los Santos

This game is the best thing that has happened to the PC Gaming world since Skyrim in 2011, and in my personal collection, it’s a gem. Grand Theft Auto V on PC is a Winner! It’s an absolutely smashing game. I’ve been at it since release day and I’m just about to finish up the main storyline. The story is fun and intriguing; really crazy at times, everything works like a charm; no crashes or performance problems at all.

It all looks very impressive too! Grand Theft Auto V went straight to my heart and the two-year wait for it was all worth it and not in vain. Nothing of it is a disappoinmtent at all. I need some more time with it before I return to modding Skyrim, but yeah, I’m happy to spend time in Los Santos.


Notice the insane amount of details in the screenshots. I run the game at rather high settings, but still not the absolute highest. It runs smoothly without problems though. Really fine performance!

4 responses to “Update from Los Santos

  1. Was considering checking this out; great screens. Having trouble ponying-up the cash, though. Waiting for a sale on Steam. Took my a while to play Skyrim for the same reason. Paid $3.99 for it…

    Thanks for the screens! Tempting…. now get back to work!! 😉

    And put up a paypal link – I’d pay as much for Azura’s Watch. As an hourly rate that’s like rubbing a penny on your forearm once every 2 days, I know.

    But if everyone did it… think of the sandwiches you could buy!

    • Yeah, GTA is a bit expensive still, but I guess there’ll soon enough be sales on Steam. And LOL, thanks for the donation offer, but put that donation money towards your copy of GTAV instead 😀

    • I saw it go live on Steam. I’ve seen it coming and it’s upsetting. It’s the end of modding as we know it. Guys like me, doing stuff for free and just for fun, we will not be here in a couple of years.

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