I will Continue for FREE

I will continue on Azura’s Watch as well as my other modding projects, of course, and they will be uploaded for free for everyone to enjoy. There was never any question about it. My modding is done and shared for free. My projects are created in the true spirit of modding; never take more than you give. I hope many modders feel the same and won’t fall for the lie and become sellouts on the Workshop or wherever.

8 responses to “I will Continue for FREE

  1. You are truly a sapphire in the mud; brilliant and unexpected.

    I have to say the perspective is one I hadn’t consciously considered, seeing it only peripherally like a ghost caught by surprise as one enters an old room.

    But it makes sense – it is all a business where the small human modder is a conduit for paper entities.

    I do hope modders will entertain those of us who, while far from rich, are able to splash a bit of gold now and again, if somehow sheepishly, since we realize fairly well what a mountain of effort and love goes into these things.

    I can’t afford to pay for most mods, even the most basic, if it were paid pound-for-pound, but It is something. Maybe it buys a pizza, maybe it is insulting to some – but it is *something*, and maybe it keeps the wheels turning for most.

    Anyway. Thanks again.

    • Donation buttons for modders who want that is OK, but no one is EVER going to have to pay for mods. You and no one else is going to have to pay for any mods in the future. It’ll be free, now and for always. We’re going to fight very hard for that! If you want to, you can sign the petition against Paid mods. I think something like 70.000 had signed last time I checked. We Are Legion!

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