Modding Monetization

So, monetization for modding went live on Steam tonight and Skyrim’s first out. I have a few very angry opinions on this issue and I’m going to write them down here. I’ve seen this monetization trend growing; it began when Bethesda accepted that modders place donation buttons on their mods. I saw this coming; they’ve even been “subliminally preparing” us, as is their usual strategy to soften the masses to a certain issue. Monetization is spelling the end of modding as we know it. I’m too upset right now, and I don’t know if the following will make any sense, but here goes:

It all sounds so good, doesn’t it? “Support your favourite modder” and “modders can now make a living out of doing the things they love“. Those are only words that mean nothing. I did monetized YouTube videos for a year and a half something, and monetization takes all the fun out of it and ruins creativity. You soon find yourself fighting absurd copyright claims and other direct or indirect money-related issues rather than doing videos. Getting constant unfair claims that make you lose your “income” for a month and there’s nothing you can do but protest the claims and hope for the best while some big corporation is taking your money. Sometimes it doesn’t even help to have signed paperwork from game designers themselves to prove that you have the right to monetize videos, there are no laws to protect you and yadda yadda yadda. It’s hell. Sure, some of the big guys like PewDiePie and that brainless kind have it made, but 99.9% of all YouTubers will NEVER make a living out of their YouTube efforts or even make any sort of substantial money at all. It’ll all go to the braindead sellouts like PewDiePie. Expect a modding PewDiePie God to appear soon too to serve as the money interests’ example of how good you can make it. Sure you can. Sure.

Making money a factor is a big mistake, but it’s a carefully planned move and an expected one, done to put the final nail in the modding hobby. Everything will be coming with a price tag from now on and everything will be falling back on money interests, competition and suspicion and all those other wonderful values of our glorious Western extreme ego capitalism. Expect the first copyright claims to be dropping in soon too to make life sour for small modders like myself. Because that’s how it works in reality, without all those beautiful words about making a living and supporting modders wrapped around: The greedy vultures will be swooping in and the modders are the prey. They’ve sold the modding hobby to the money interests.

This was supposed to be fun, relaxing and values like sharing and helping out were true. There’s going to be no more sharing and no more friendly, selfless helping out in this area. Mark my words. Modding WAS the last bastion and example of what mankind is truly capable of. Of course they wanted to ruin it with their greed. We’ve broken down their games and beat them to it many times over. We’ve done things that the game creators themselves never thought possible. Now, we have been fooled and tricked into believing that monetization is nothing but good for the modding business. We have been betrayed. And DAMN BETHESDA for being the first traitors out.

Yes, the modding world fascinated me so much because it was a world of true selflessness, true solidarity, real creativity and a world of different strong, hard-working characters who came together to create glorious masterpieces as free gifts to the world. The modding world served as an example of mankind’s best sides. Now it’s all going to be replaced by lawsuits, claims, copyright, competition and greed all wrapped in beautiful, meaningless words of how you can make a living out of doing the things you love.

And you modders who wanted this and are selling your shit on the workshop, enjoy your 4,30$ per month, because that’s the most you’ll ever get out of it. The only one benefitting from monetization of mods is some big, faceless corporation, and yes, that braindead modding god PewDiePie you’ll all be admiring. He’s going to make millions, actually, on your expense. You sold yourselves for 4,30. You fucking sellouts.


4 responses to “Modding Monetization

  1. Wow…this is just…wow. This is gonna be a cluster fuck. I for one will never get a mod from the steam workshop, ever. If it isn’t on nexus I don’t care about it. Paying for a mod is just stupid, and any author who wants to sell their mod should be surprised to find themselves being broke and/or belittled by the modding community. It is my hope that the modders will refuse to do anything more than make their mods free but allow people to donate to them if they so choose. Kind of like most of the good YouTubers I watch. They don’t demand money for their content but have a way to donate if you choose to.

    • I hope the Nexus won’t ever make this money grubbing happen. The Donation buttons are OK, but when they introduced them, I knew it was the first step towards this. I hope the Nexus will remain free though, but I don’t really know how the debate is going over there.

  2. There are many good modders who will never charge fees for their creations – Modders like AlienSlof, Emma and the Vilja team and more.
    Their mods will always be available, even if it isn’t on Steam.

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