The Sellouts

When I started modding the Elder Scrolls ten years ago, and just up until now, no one would ever have thought about asking any money for their mods. That’s the thing I signed up for – free for all, sharing and helping out. The never take more than you give back sort of thing. That is actually what we all signed up for and agreed upon when we started modding; that this is free, you don’t get paid and you don’t ask any money for it.

Now, all of a sudden, some of them say that they work so hard and deserve their pay for all that hard work. No. You don’t deserve any pay for modding, because you already signed onto the idea that you’re doing it for FREE, Like the rest of us. No matter how hard you work on your mods. Bethesda and Valve can’t change that idea either. We’ve already made an agreement within the community that this is free and always will be. Nothing can change that Constitution.

Let’s face the truth here. Modders who ask money for their mods are traitors to the very founding idea, the constitution, of modding. They’re simple sellouts. I’m sad to see some respected modder names in the lists of paid mods. Either they’ve been tricked into this system that will destroy the hobby by ripping out its very foundation, or they are sellouts by choice. The fact remains, they are sellouts and traitors to modding.

Do not buy their mods. Do not support this system. Do not spend a cent on paid mods! The modders themselves won’t get much out of it anyways.

12 responses to “The Sellouts

  1. Thanks for these words. I added some of them in my new sig:
    Let’s keep alive the true spirit of modding: free for all, sharing and helping out

  2. I totally agree, I will continue modding for free. It’s all in the spirit of gratitude, that’s what make mods special, the day mods are out for sale, I believe it will just loose it’s touch, their’s a big difference in modding to get paid, than modding out of pure passion and desire, to simply give yourself and other gamer’s a better experience.

    • Yes! They’re also trying to spread this robbery to other games as well. Skyrim is but the first experiment for this evil system. We’ll fight it, and we’ll win!

  3. Posted by LadyM at the Hall of Torque:

    Hello my HoTties. I feel I should make a statement on this whole mess by saying my one concern through all of this is for the modders. I will gladly put anyone’s mods on this forum for member’s ONLY. I used to have a forum like this years ago and had hopes that I wouldn’t have to make people join to download a mod BUT in light of this new development, I feel it would be safest to keep the mods inside the community. I won’t be changing them all over, it will be up to the modder and how they would like me to handle their mods.

    If you have mods here and want it for member’s only, please post on this thread and I’ll keep an eye on it.

    I maintain a FREE site here. Through my own financial problems I’ve kept this site free. I don’t even ask for donations even though I have a button. I have been a home for the modding community for 14 years now and have no intent to become a pay site in anyway.

    While I don’t care for talk of other forums here in the HoT, I will allow discussions on this new development but one of the HoT’s rules is we keep what happens in the HoT IN the HoT and we don’t bring in any outside drama. But I gotta say, this is some big shit and of course we can discuss it.

    • I kinda hope she doesn’t go for a members only approach. See, this paid mods debacle is already making website managers consider making mods members only and stuff like that. If this monetization continues, we’ll have a much more closed community.

      • This change has come with the modders at the HoT themselves.
        SAM – Shape Atlas for Men was the first mod to become members only by the author.
        AliwenSlof has also asked to have her mods become this.

        I’ve seen mod authors over at Nexus worry that people may download their creations, steal mit and upload it on Steam to sell it – that’s probably the main reason to go with the registered members only approach for sites.

      • It will happen if this continues. People will be stealing mods and putting them up for sale. And there’s not much to protect us. Just like on YouTube. At one time it was very common for fake companies to claim copyright on YouTube videos and get the monetization for them. It was an outrage. Me and a lot of other people were subjected to that. It took several months for YouTube to clear it all up and in the meantime, these fake companies were making loads of money! The problem still persists, but now, big, “respectable” corporations do the same on YouTube videos and it usually takes a long time to prove your ownership of the video. In the meantime, these corporations are taking your YouTube money! It must not come to the modding world! We NEED to fight!

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