Tear This Wall Down!

Bethesda and Steam have rolled back their pay wall in response to the outrage among Skyrim’s fans about paid mods. For once, in this cruel world of injustice and corporate greed, the good guys win. The masses of the video games community have risen up and made Steam and Bethesda withdraw their absurd idea.

Not only has the Elder Scrolls been protected, but other games as well, since they were planning to introduce paid mods in other areas too. They will try again in the future, they will try to sneak it in by subversion, because that’s the nature of these forces, but for now, the Elder Scrolls modding scene is free from money interests. Stay vigilant!

Remember this, people: This was democracy and people power in practice! If we all rise up and outrage about injustice in the world, they can’t stop us. Not the governments, not the corporations or banks or anyone else. They can’t stop us! They are few, we are many. We Are Legion!

4 responses to “Tear This Wall Down!

  1. I wouldn’t say it was democracy but it was the power of the wallet. We spoke not only verbally, sometimes offensively, but with our wallets, such is the way to be heard by companies. Hit them where it hurts, the pocket book. I have no doubt they will try again and if they do it right next time they might even succeed.

    • A large part of the community was actually against only the 75% cut to Bethesda and Valve. Most of this massive response was due to the introduction of money overall and the absurdity of the plan.

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