From Los Santos to Azura’s Watch

The time has come to return home from Los Santos. I’ve spent a month in Grand Theft Auto V. It was worth it. I really recommend the game.

But now, it’s time to return to Azura’s Watch and continue to work on the mods I’ve got going. Today, I’ll be doing some detailing, creating a few NPC’s and other small stuff in Azura’s Watch to get back in business.

Witcher III is coming in May. I won’t be getting that right now, since I really don’t have time to waste on other games, but want to finish AW and do the other things I’ve started. Witcher III is another one of those that would probably eat up another month for me. LOL! Maybe at the Christmas Sale or something.

One thing I noticed right off the bat when entering Skyrim again is how stale the character animations are! Compared to GTA5’s very much animated and realistic characters, Skyrim’s seem like lifeless statues. That’s something they should work on for Elder Scrolls VI. Oh well, that’s just a personal little observation when comparing to GTA.

2015-05-16_00001Back on the beach in Azura’s Watch.

6 responses to “From Los Santos to Azura’s Watch

  1. Indeed welcome back to Azura’s Watch, and please feel free to release a preview copy πŸ™‚ for us hardcore followers πŸ˜‰

  2. Yeah. The Witcher 3 will be out on Tuesday. I’ve got it preordered, but I reckon it’ll be quite a while before I take the time to play it. Right now I’m fully occupied with Dragon Age Inquisition, with some Skyrim and FNV on the side.
    You’re welcome to peek at my fan-fics for these games over at Linda’s forum. Here:

    • Awesome storytelling and screenshots, as usual, Wotan! And yes, I’ll have to leave Witcher III till later as well. Kind of a pity though, since it’s on a bit of a pre-order sale too.

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