A Lovely Sight

SkyrimOblivionLater tonight, Skyrim will pass Oblivion as my favourite game on Steam. To confess, Skyrim is probably my favourite game ever, competing with titles like Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Civilization 1 & 2, Morrowind and classics like that. Good going, Skyrim! Much of my playtime in Skyrim can be attributed to my modding, but I’m also playing the game a lot. Every playthrough adds something new, especially with new mods installed.

4 responses to “A Lovely Sight

  1. Very cool. After my last struggle with a mod conflict I was almost faced with the fact of a complete re-install – and I really don’t to do that as I like my world like it is (among other things).

    Having said that, I’m gladdened by those such as yourself who have run through the game several times and still find joy in it. And yes, it is all reproducible.

    I’ve just been trying to complete 100% of the game first; all quests, all places, all things, though some are difficult to do once you’ve chosen Stormcloak or Imperial.

    Then there’s Falskaar, Wyrmstooth (or whatever), plus others and the promise of more (thank you!).

    Still, don’t know if I’m ready for another play-through.

    I’ve got just over 400 hours into this one, btw, a small piece of what you’ve got into it.

    • So much to do, so little time. With all the modding I’m doing and all the thousands of mods to try out, it could take me an eternity to get done. 😀

  2. Wow. The most hours I have in a Steam game is 620 for Civ 5. I’ve got just over 500 Skyrim hours.

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