Marnya – My Hobbit Home

Tamira is responsible for most of the stuff I use to create Azura’s Watch and Azura’s Dawn Mansion. Go check out her latest mod, Marnya – My Hobbit Home, which adds a cosy little Hobbit home to the Lake Ilinalta area. Congratulations to the Hot Files spot too, Tamira!

2 responses to “Marnya – My Hobbit Home

  1. Thank you for the advertisement 🙂
    In fact I really made this for my own use only, it rested on my HD for more than 3 months until I decided to give it a final polish and publish it, just to honor Stroti who made the great Hobbit Hole resource.
    I never imagined it could make it to the hot files, I am still not believing it.

    • I’ve noted that the best stuff often originates from things that are not even meant to be published and that you only do for your own fun. Azura’s Watch started like that. It was just a little experiment to see how a tropical environment would look in Skyrim and then grew into something much larger. I’m glad for the success the Hobbit Home has had, because it’s really cool! Give a thought to my advice of merging it with Sepredia and making the thing into a real village with shops and NPC’s. It would be quite something! 🙂

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